17 January 2008

Prada SS08

Prada Spring/Summer 2008
Models: Nick Snider [VNY], Julian Hennig [Ford Homme], Felix Schopgens [Ford Homme], Thomas Wyatt [Ford], James Cooper [Premier]
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Website: www.prada.com


Anonymous said...

Julian! So adorable <3

we could grow up together said...

sorry muccia, i see topman
instead of prada, especially the first shot

Jessica R said...

The clothes - okay
Photography - great

Moving on to the boys :P
Nick - sexy
Julian - sexy
Felix - cute
Thomas - cute
James - I thought it's Raquel Zimmermann! Okay, kidding. He's gorgeous!

Overall: great campaign! :)

svsk_sk2 said...

james does look a bit like raquel... ha ha ha ha ha ha...

i still think eddie was the best prada boy EVER tho!!!

aji said...

julian's eyes are really haunting... god i couldn't sleep just thinking about him lol. so gorgeous! i like snider and schopgen too..