24 November 2008

D&G Cruise 2009

D&G Cruise 2009 campaign
Models: Aaron Bruckner (Major NY), Jonas Kesseler (Wilhelmina NY/EQ Germany), ?,
Julian Hennig
(Ford Homme), Govan Baird (VNY, sitting on the floor)
Photographer: Mario Testino
Source: Major's blog

The casting is wonderful, the photography is great, but I am really tired of D&G campaigns. They look similar every season! Anyway, I don't know who's the third guy standing in the picture. He is also in the latest D&G Jewels video below. I think it's the same guy. Kindly ID him please. Thanks :)

12 November 2008


Sometimes I wonder what people thought about my blog. Last year, I did not really write anything in my posts; I only posted pictures and a few details crediting the people behind them. Only lately I feel less lazy and start to put some words in my posts. To be honest, I almost stopped blogging here because I was too busy with my studies and everything. Actually, I still am, but less busy now.

I got into this whole IDing models because of my passion for photography. I think fashion photography is the best genre of photography because it involves humans and their surroundings. I used to adore wildlife photography, but now I found it boring...

And about male and female models, I think I know more about male models than female models. I think it's because it's easier to ID the guys as they don't really look alike, unlike the girls... I don't know why I'm so obsessed about models LOL. The thing is I don't care much about fashion/design. So whenever I watch runway videos, it's because I want to ID the models and know the songs used.

So yeah, I would really love to hear your comments about my blog :)

P/S #1: I know this blog should only be about the guys, but I can't help posting about my favourite girls too (if you noticed on the right side of the page) :P

P/S #2: I just want to know, does anyone know about any internship with any photographer? Thanks :)

11 November 2008


Luke Worrall (D1 London) for Vivienne Westwood Accessories Winter 2008 (MDC)

I love this, especially the background! LOL. I think Luke is just the perfect model for this kind of concept. Or maybe Cole Mohr too? Hehe... This ad actually sort of reminds me of Cole's Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign. Anyway, this ad is great too. Looking forward to see this in prints. I'm not sure about the photographer, but my bet is Juergen Teller.

Olaf Czosnowski & Shaun Haugh in Gucci FW08 campaign

Models: Olaf Czosnowski (Nine Daughters and a Stereo) & Shaun Haugh (RED NY)
Photographers: Inez & Vinoodh
Website: www.gucci.com

08 November 2008

Mariusz Smolinski in EA Pre-Collection Spring 09 campaign

Mariusz Smolinski is back to blonde and looking fierce with Kim Noorda in the latest Emporio Armani campaign shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. I don't really like the word 'fierce' when describing models, but I can't think of another word LOL. Don't both Mariusz and Kim look amazing there?! I only know that Mariusz is with Nevs in London. Does anyone know what are his agencies in Milan, Paris and NY?

: He's also with Major in NY and Paris. Thanks Major for the info.

Picture scanned by Northern Star @ TFS

01 November 2008

Noah Mills in Michael Kors Cruise 09 campaign

Noah Mills and Carmen Kass in another Michael Kors campaign. He's with Wilhelmina in NY. I think the photography is great; it's shot by Mario Testino. Very Cruise in my opinion. Pics are from Michael Kors website.