24 November 2008

D&G Cruise 2009

D&G Cruise 2009 campaign
Models: Aaron Bruckner (Major NY), Jonas Kesseler (Wilhelmina NY/EQ Germany), ?,
Julian Hennig
(Ford Homme), Govan Baird (VNY, sitting on the floor)
Photographer: Mario Testino
Source: Major's blog

The casting is wonderful, the photography is great, but I am really tired of D&G campaigns. They look similar every season! Anyway, I don't know who's the third guy standing in the picture. He is also in the latest D&G Jewels video below. I think it's the same guy. Kindly ID him please. Thanks :)


ELVIA said...

P.S. I love the ad. It's a bit different for D&G! It's so [fashion] "fugitive on the run"! :)

Gerald C said...

I wish I knew too! No one knows! Many people thought he was Peruvian Jose Koechlin, high school football player Nate Blizzard, model Julien Quévenne and Australian model Andrew Smith. But he is none of them!