12 November 2008


Sometimes I wonder what people thought about my blog. Last year, I did not really write anything in my posts; I only posted pictures and a few details crediting the people behind them. Only lately I feel less lazy and start to put some words in my posts. To be honest, I almost stopped blogging here because I was too busy with my studies and everything. Actually, I still am, but less busy now.

I got into this whole IDing models because of my passion for photography. I think fashion photography is the best genre of photography because it involves humans and their surroundings. I used to adore wildlife photography, but now I found it boring...

And about male and female models, I think I know more about male models than female models. I think it's because it's easier to ID the guys as they don't really look alike, unlike the girls... I don't know why I'm so obsessed about models LOL. The thing is I don't care much about fashion/design. So whenever I watch runway videos, it's because I want to ID the models and know the songs used.

So yeah, I would really love to hear your comments about my blog :)

P/S #1: I know this blog should only be about the guys, but I can't help posting about my favourite girls too (if you noticed on the right side of the page) :P

P/S #2: I just want to know, does anyone know about any internship with any photographer? Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Hey:), I'm glad you didn't stop blogging:P, I'm in here every day (I have to say I'm a little adicted!) and I think the blog is great, I like that you have a little bit of everything...and I found alot of the answers to my questions here:D.
I have looked for a blog like this, and I'm happy I found this one. You have alot of important information about the models here, and thats good.

Isaac Likes said...

Hey! I love your blog, I was really disappointed when you stopped posting for such a long time. You always had really quick and accurate updates.
Keep doing what you're doing!
I don't know where you live or even if you're a boy or a girl, but I'm from New Zealand and I know you've got some fans down here.

Yolk said...

I am a Chineses guy, study Digital media art.
Ur blog is one of my favourites cos I am a huge fans of fashion photography.
Keep going~

Ed said...

Anonymous: Thanks :) I'm really glad you like my blog :D

Isaac Likes: Hi, thanks! :D I'm a boy lol; and I live very near to your country ;)

Yolk: Ni hao! :D Glad to know another fan of fashion photography. Good luck with your studies ;)

YSY said...

Hi, I'm Korean guy.
I like your blog.
Don't give up now. Your blog is so nice! Well, good luck and keep going~~~:)

Anonymous said...

Hey,I am a fashion editor in China, I love ur blog, I wait ur new post for a long time. Thank god u update!

Plz don't stop, so many people care about it.

So would u mind release 2008 F/W campaigns, coz' u forget to give us!hahah:)

Lady Gaga Ali Baba said...

you should maybe publish stuff more often;P, I'm waiting:D!

Blamo said...

Canada <3 Your Blog Too!

I Was A Little Sad When The Posts Were Slow...

I Love Your HQ's Of The AD's & Ed's.

I Have A Hard Time IDing The Guys.

Stick To What You Know And Love I Say...

As For GIRRLS On The Male Model Blog You Could Make A Smaller Spin Off Blog?

Hope My Ideas Are Worth Something...

Put Them In The Trash If Not :P

Happy Blogging

Ed said...

Anonymous: Hi! I would post them - after I finish my exams which will be end of this week!!! :D

Lady Gaga Ali Baba: Love ur name! :D I will, I will :)

Blamo: Err, don't worry. I won't post anything about the girls here HAHAHA! (except the thing on the right side :P )

Lady Gaga Ali Baba said...

Hahax), Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is absolutely amazing.
Fashion photography is amazing.

tigermilk said...

ill let you know when i know!! actually no i wont. i dont want any more competition.

great blog!!

ELVIA said...

Victor Norlander was on Filippa K's ads. :)

I love your blog! Always keeping us in the know and of the moment with male models!

I don't mind you posted pictures and a few details crediting the people behind them. Sometimes it's hard work and you don't want to write a lot, so its understandable!

What do you study? Fashion major [like myself]? ;)

I love ID-ing male models because I want to start my own male model agency one day! :)
I'm obsessed with male models but only the ones I like that I feel have the look that I find is "it"!

When I watch runway videos, it's ecstasy! I like to know who the models are, what fabrics were used, what songs were used, where the show is being held, etc.

P.S. I love Lakshmi Menon ;)

And what kind of internships? I mostly look for editorial internships because that's what my goal is [to one day work for Vogue]. But, you can always google around or ask in your town for openings. Usually internships for Spring 2009 are available by now. Good luck and let me know!

- Elvia.

Ed said...

Anonymous: thanks :)

tigermilk: :P

ELVIA: i'm not studying fashion haha. i'm studying science, which is also my passion besides photography :D

yeah im also looking for editorial internships. but i'm actually more into internship with photographers so that i could learn more about photography ;)

Ras said...

really nice that you're back!
like your taste of guys, also the campaigns and editorials!

plz keep bloging...i'm extremely excited to see your new posts today!

welcome back and believe that many like me always follow you.

Julian said...


I truly do love your blog and I think it's a great gateway to get some nice pictures in HQ and for that matter please don't stop your blog. As far as intership goes I don't know any but I could recommend you a great school here in Paris called Speos ! It's expensive but once you get your diploma I'll bet you'll be able to get work at Vogue; I-D ....

I'm applying there in 3 years cause for the same reason that you've said I wannabe a fashion photographer but I do have interest in fashion lol. Anyway i'll hope I helped you in anyway. Hoping to see more :)

PS : If you could post some reals HQ pictures from Prada SS 09 from the women section not the mens that would be great and The chanel one with Claudia Schiffer FW 08.09 Thank you

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!