11 November 2008


Luke Worrall (D1 London) for Vivienne Westwood Accessories Winter 2008 (MDC)

I love this, especially the background! LOL. I think Luke is just the perfect model for this kind of concept. Or maybe Cole Mohr too? Hehe... This ad actually sort of reminds me of Cole's Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign. Anyway, this ad is great too. Looking forward to see this in prints. I'm not sure about the photographer, but my bet is Juergen Teller.


Anonymous said...

think bout luke worral, it's impossible not to think about cole mohr too. i think they have such um... how to say??
i don't know.
but i agree with you

locke said...

i like this too ,Luke 's so cute ^_^ ,

Anonymous said...

lol, this is great, thanks, and don't stop posting please, people usually don't cera too much about mens ads and those are great.