02 December 2008

Victor Norlander (Part 2)

Victor is now with Ford Homme in Paris. That is a huge news (to me at least, LOL). I am hoping this will translate into more editorials. Since it is now December, so we have to have a new Model of the Month. Bye bye Victor (for now!)

Photographer: Milan Vukmirovic
Magazine: L'Officiel Hommes #13
Source: Elerai@Modelhommes


Anonymous said...

hm and do you happen to lurk ontd_fashinfags

S├ębastien said...

Wouldn't mind him being my boyfriend. Now what would really make my day is an interview (preferably video ^_^) Anyone know of one?

Ed said...

Anonymous: ontd_fashinfags? Sometimes. Why? Anything interesting there lately?

Sebastien: There are some videos of him on youtube, mostly runway and backstage videos though, not casting videos :)

dsboy said...

I'm really loving him atm. His look is timeless and i have very little doubt he will not become a total success.

ELVIA said...

j'adore victor ♥

Anonymous said...

Look the news from Sisley on Stockholmsgruppen!