07 December 2008

Patrick Petitjean in Prada FW08 campaign

Prada Fall/Winter 2008 campaign
Model: Patrick Petitjean (Success Paris)
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Website: www.prada.com


S├ębastien said...

I miss lovely Eddie for Prada :( I don't get why people see in Patrick. Not my cup of tea!

dsboy said...

Well the campaign itself was going for a more, classy, subdue, mature look, and Patrick fitted that. Oh and he definitely looked better than Linda lol.

Anyways the collection was more femenine than what they show here. And i would of been interested of seeing the nude tone, bright coloured pieces or the skirts actually used in the campaign. Though I understand if it would of clashed with what they were going for.

Lady Gaga Ali Baba said...

AH, I like him:=), he seem to be a little to much in to him self, but I think he is a good model.

Terencesambowrites said...

i was trying to find out who this was...thanx for the info :o)