11 August 2007

godefroy, guntars, louis in hugo fall 07 campaign

Hugo by Hugo Boss Fall 2007 campaign
Models: Godefroy Francs [Success], Guntars Asmanis [Elite], Louis Prades [Models1]
Photographer: Mario Testino
Website: www.hugoboss.com


Anonymous said...

Godefroy has a unique look. I like him.

ADOMM said...


mon loulou o mon loubard, peu importe!
merci beaucoup Ed, superb blog!

Ed said...

thanks mies. ur blog is superb too.

and i forgot to mention that i love their shoes so much! lol.

eireen said...

I'd like to see a huge one of this. :D my loulou >_<

Ed said...

oh u have to click on the pic to enlarge. hahaha.

eireen said...

oops! I got it *giggle*