12 August 2007

tom w. in vogue italia aug 07

"Dream and Magic" in Vogue Italia August 2007
Model: Tom W. [TheFaceForward/IMG] with Stella Tennant
Photographer: Tim Walker
Credit: M.arta @ TFS


jssy said...

omgod tom is so cute!!!!!!

Dawn said...

I like Tom W.
He's so cute

This edit looks dreamily!

Joyce said...

Tom looks esp. cute in the first picture, look at 'em massive ears!

ADOMM said...

what a great edit! thanks.

Anonymous said...

he's my friends older brother, i used to go out with him, he is lush and an awsome kisser :)

Marie said...

That ad is totally whoah. That Tom W. is absolutely gorgeous

VersaceDivo said...

He's too hot to go out with any of us. lol I think Evandro Soldati and GARRETT NEFF is way hotter xD

Anonymous said...

does anybody know where i can find more pix of tom w.?